Riiight. It's been a while hasn't it? When I got back I got over-excited when I found out that someone in AUSTRALIA had visited my blog over the "summer", probably by accident, but these things still matter to me.

Anyway I have been trying to indulge my ears in as much new music as possible at a reasonable volume before I go to Reading, sorry if you're not going, I may highlight the fact that I am over the next few lines. So I was catching up on the auld myspace and few people's profile songs managed to overcome and wrestle my itunes into silence: firstly KanYe West's rendition of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster;made me download it immediately. He has proved himself again as a master in taking one infectious hook and turning it into another that could be even more infectious. I think it has hit me in my weakness for toxic pop [ooh yea I liked that one too], however there is nothing wrong in pop music as Pop Register makes known.

Here it is:

Stronger - KanYe West

the other song is by the personification of a marmite: Pete Doherty.

Now while I think his mumbling completely ruined The Streets "Prangin' Out", here it works well especially with the Motown-esque bass line in "Bowhemia" which, despite being the epitome of the 'Albion' cliche is at least going the right way forwards; I heard he's been arrested again, but who I am to comment on a figure that has already been dissected in the public eye and yet is the only subject the 'London Lite' "journalists" can claim to be authoritative on.

Unfortunately I don't own this song so I can't pass it on however you can listen to it here, whether it's his or fans', is elementary. In more tabloid news his Babyshambles are releasing a single "Delivery".

Delivery - BabyShambles

So I shall be in Reading for the next few days, but I thought I would, to those who are going, warn you that nothing is getting in my way of seeing Patrick Wolf, it'll be my first and last chance probably, so back off!

I am really tempted to reject the NME tent on Sunday with all those hype bands like Klaxons, CSS etc. and go see Ed Byrne in the alternative tent, he is so funny if you've seen him on current affair shows like Mock The Week, you'll know.

Tokyo Police Club, Crystal Castles and Lethal Bizzle are all acts I'd love to see before they bugger off to distant lands as my favourite acts to do.