more ammendments

Yesterday I discovered two things that has to change my previous fore sightings of 2008: firstly, monsieur frYars is strongly rumoured, as in I'm taking this for pretty much definite, to have signed a record deal with "a major label" *cough* EMI *cough*. So that should upgrade him from my 'gatecrashers of 2008' to 'great hopes' and beyond to 'definitely-going-to-be-on-TV-with-adverts-for-his-album'. And there goes another young talent on his way to the malevolent jaws of mainstream, I wish him well.

The other piece of news that makes me change my mind on a certain band is the uploading of a new song on their myspace. White Lies [formerly known as Fear of Flying], have just put up 'Death' on their myspace, and sorry to be so crass but the best way to describe it would probably only be uttered in oaths such as: "fuck me sideways, this is E-P-I-C." They've made great strides in the last few months and their sound is huuuuggee. Almost to the point of over playing the giant-card. Nevertheless 'Death' is another gem that I will now spend unwholesome amounts of time listening to, instead of doing other more constructive activities, such as this looming pile of essays. White Lies haven't made it available to download unfortunately, but I am sure there are ways of means, I would love to get this on my iPod, but we shall have to wait and see what becomes of them in this new dawn of 2008.