oooh lists...

...seem to be the rage.

so I'll join everyone and give my twopence for the year ahead:


I thought I'd do this as my pleasant surprise list, like when you actually get a decent present from your estranged Aunt, so these are bands that might just make something happen in 2008 and are likely to make great strides but perhaps nothing really, really tangible like Sony Ericsson's new advert theme tune, for example...

1. frYars
The mercurial London schoolboy has already released his debut EP "The Ides" on his own frYarcorp in conjunction with Make Mine Records and looks set to take more under his spell, seeing as he's actually started gigging live now as opposed to doing photo shoots. The industry hounds are well aware off him and NME will probably latch on to him and make him their own, personally discovered musical prodigy. Needless to say full of talent and definitely One To Watch. Note the upper-case letters. And what's more even The Daily Mail like him, I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

The Ides - frYars

2. White Lies
Artist formerly known as Fear of Flying, [signed to Young & Lost Records, released two singles in their short life: "Routemaster and "Three's A Crowd"] that should have a real go at the industry with their stronger and more fiery collection of tunes. Another secretive lot, who should be gigging soon, but have so far not made an appearance on the Internet visually.

Unfinished Business - White Lies

3. Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man
Having released their single Motherhood/Fatherhood on Transgressive Records, they might, given a touch of luck, go on to get an album deal, but with Frederick McPherson's enthusiasm alone, this should carry them some distance along the way to their goal, whatever that may be. I think it's there for the taking for them.


1. Cajun Dance Party
Enough said really. All the former broadsheets love them, calling them the next Smiths, which is an insult actually, better than Bob Dylan as well allegedly and that made me laugh when I read that. But apart from stupidly generous comparisons that they don't really deserve, expect them to run away with as many accolades as possible. Ignore me, I'm just green with envy.


1. Late of the Pier
After their wondrous show at Reading I knew that they would go way, way beyond and on from their Way Out West days, might be a little too weird for the X-factor-saturated public to gain any recognisable chart success but 2008 will definitely see their fan base rapidly mushroom in size. As long as they say true-to-der-rootz, then I can say with confidence: The Bears ARE Coming!

Bathroom Gurgle - Late of the Pier

2. Tokyo Police Club
Another band that improved my general state at Reading on the Saturday, so energetic and full of vitality live. Not only this but they have the songs to match and after being 2006/2007's favourite band to blog about should make them see 2008 with confident optimism. I know it's not the most original choice, but I'm conceited and want to get at least one right. We-want-album-pleaseeee.

3. These New Puritans
Easy to see this band "making it big" after their immense album.

4. Laura Marling
Chances are Kate Nash mark #2, but please, please no. I'm not a massive, massive fan, I do like "London Town" and "My Manic and I", but while loads of people really like her lyrics, I think they're a tiny bit bland. She also will be struggling against Kate Nash having done this trick twelve months previous. All the best though.

We shall see if I am in anyway right, but I doubt it. They will probably be all involved in complicated dental accidents involving the vocalist leaving him/her unable to sing, but that would be really terrible so it better not happen. Especially not to LOTP.