i want his hat.

Zach Condon, aka Beirut, has been around the block by now, releasing an ablum at 15 and despite his tender age continues to forage for different aspects and take different inspirations from different cultures. Most notably in his latest outfit Beirut, a lot of his sytle is taken from gypsy-folk and this leads to an interesting outcome to which the only comparison i can draw is that of london-based FrYars and a pretty poor one at that. They both deal in all sorts of instruments and if you're bored stiff of the latest the nme charts do yourself a a substantial favour and get ch-ch-checkin it out

Despite my proclamation of Beirut, i wonder just how good he would be live. Having had the misfortunate of not seeing him yet, i think that a lot of posturing and dramatic countenace would be in need for him to get a crowd rightly shaken and stirred. Undeterred by misgivings i will be joining him on monday, for a free acoustic show on the southbank, as I, unlike all the lucky feckers in Glastonbury, won't have the pleasure of seeing him there.
His LP''s so far have been on my repeat in recent weeks however i fear many blog-trawlers will have already discovered him and look down at my belated, but loving post.
enjoy x