xxzxczx me too

Crystal Castles.

I am in love with them, not only do they mix like maniacs, they write their own thrash/thrash/thrash which is deeply steeped in brilliance. The boy/girl duo attain a somewhat mysterious status with pictures that obscure their faces with the most imaginative poses, and this image here has become somewhat iconic spawning various copycats on myspace et al. The duo have gained popularity in the most far-flung places by making their own music and countless remixes readily available on the Internet and still leave many of these for downloading, despite their increasing success. This serves to feed many teenagers lust for just about anything they touch. I have so far been unable to see them live but the thought of seeing them at this year's Reading Festival will preserve just a little bit longer.

They do prove to be elusively elusive in England, so any chance you get at tickets, do bite the hand that feeds you. I have tried to give you a slice of CC that isn't already firmly plastered to the Internet:
enjoy x