growing like Jack.

I thought I would write a post about bands that have grown on me and to preach that 'you cannot judge a book by its cover' as my mother would say.

Foals are a band set to exhaust the festival circuit with shows already confirmed at the Reading & Leeds Festival already amongst others and look set to have a bright future. Bringing brilliant electro-keys and shouty choruses they also seem to have a penchant for playing house-parties in preference to gigs. In fact this is how they made their name for dazzling live shows by playing at houses which were invariably invaded by the police at different times of the night. However now they have a hectic schedule and according to their myspace are booked right up to December, in which they support Bloc Party, that in itself is a mark of how far they've come. When I first heard them I marked them down as one of those annoying bands that were on the bandwagon with Klaxons whipping the horses careering towards the cliff that would eventually bring about the death of this silly "nu-rave". However I couldn't have been any more wrong if I tried.

Cassius - Foals
Olympic Airways - Foals
Look At My Furrows Of Worry - Foals
Try This On Your Piano - Foals

"Look At My..." and "Try This...." are from an early demo where they had a different front man singing so don't panic.

and they do doodle well:

Another artist who I thought I would never go near with a ten-foot pole was Patrick Wolf, after first hearing the song "Lycanthropy" [I think I have since deleted this particular song] with references to "sewing up" and "cutting off my penis" I thought what an emotionally and mentally messed-up weirdo, this opinion hasn't changed however his music is still fantastic. Apart from that song, his others like "Bloodbeat", "Paris", "The Gypsy King", "Augustine" [my favourite] and his now famous "The Magic Position" are simply majestic. The fact that he's decided to pack it all in after four albums has left some feeling he is a complete arrogant prat, with many mocking imitations of him: "oh boo-hoo I just can't handle this sheer and overwhelming pressure of being famous." Well, whatever his true reasons his last show is sometime in Autumn which is sold out. Hats off to those who are going I never has the chance to see him live.

I have 34 songs of his and I was wondering does anyone know or have his whole discography? I really couldn't upload 34 songs unless you got a petition going but you MUST simply MUST listen to "Augustine"

Augustine - Patrick Wolf

enjoy x