Sorry about the delay in getting this one up I got lost in this book titled: 'Dead Famous' - Ben Elton and I was feeling a little lost for words when talking about new bands or old bands that have come across my radar screen. When searching for new music it's very like fishing: you could spend all day or all week or worse, all year and not find anything that caught your imagination at all and then at other times BANG you've found what, in one's humble opinion, is the next big thing - you have caught the legend of the lake and are the envy of everyone else for it.

I think that is enough about fishing for now.

Currently circulating all the correct places to circulate on the internet is Nick Miller, formerly in a band called The Maxwells, he now plys his trade in the hazy area between folk and what has been called "indie", but as I was discussing with a learned friend the other day "indie" is not boys with guitars who can only count between 12 and 19 on the fretboard and stupid hair is a must. Even hip-hop can have an "indie" genre just as long as said band don't sign to Warner, as soon as the ink touches the paper the band cease to be "indie" as they are now no longer on an independent record label. Good I'm glad we cleared up that very, very contentious area. Anyway check out some of his covers and inspirations from Thom Yorke are evident. All of his songs are available on his myspace.

Moving on to just plain popular culture, I heard this song when I went to get my haircut and remembered hearing it sometime somewhere else along with the quote: "it's like black, but indie!" Yes it's Gym Class Heroes. [I do realise that by including this quote I have completely unravelled the above section of my post.]

"Take A Look At My Girlfriend" stomps through the much mined subject of girlfriends, but Gym Class Heroes rousing chorus is instantly infectious and the verse is sweet in references to 'secret handshakes' and 'tummy aches'. Bless.

Take A Look At My Girlfriend - Gym Class Heroes

And finally for today, my friend told me his most closely guarded secret: well it probably wasn't but it is from 'back in the day': if anyone remembers the heady days of Way Out West and the simply amazing nights, then they will just know but if you weren't lucky enough then continue reading; I, myself, have only had the privilege of seeing one but as an example:
with special guest that were Les Incompetents and, i think, Jamie T. So all in all fucking amazing. The headliner that night were Roland Shanks, and up until recently I heard of them but I had not heard them, very important difference that. So my friends puts them on the auld itunes and I though "WoW" [sorry couldn't resist]. Unfortunately the band have split up but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still listen to them, the bass is just fantastic. Apparently they were good friends with Les Incompetents, so that in itself should be reason enough to listen to them. I'm sure this is a very 2005/6 band to have heard and I apologise for my lateness. All their songs are available to download from their myspace.
Three members have now formed a band and this new project is a bit more experimental, try it anyway, Tare.

enjoy x