come down here.


Now that my fingers have fully recovered from the typing and the mist around my brain has cleared from Reading it is as my four-year-old cousin would say: "back to business".

First up in Duttsworld, [oh that is it, my own 80's TV show] is Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong. Dealing in all things pop: about last week my friend started to talk wildly about them, the words down the phone were something like: "Lucio Starts Fire, Lucio Starts Fire, its so buffphf, I would have booked them for Shout & Echo, but now they're getting way too big" and therefore expensive. I would guess they could be very entertaining live, as their music is suitably choppy and shall get played at most across indie dance floor. Yet while obvious comparisons will be drawn with say Milburn [just without the Northern bit] or even Cribs, its just a trick that has been done before. JLJJJ are very listenable, they tick all the right boxes and have the same catchy quality that Ms. L. Allen has, unfortunately, in abundance; so you could see some success going their way, but not in my play count history. They do however get bonus marks for such a fabulous name but in the words of Alice from Crystal Castles: "What's the point in starting a band if you're not going to do something new."

Another band that are currently causing some stirring are Make Model, who are releasing their debut single "The L.S.B." one The Biz Records, but I actually prefer b-side "Czech Neck",with its fuzzy bass and vocal harmonics. The group, thankfully, take a more divergent approach to some bands and do strive to be something different, they draw more from the country/folk genres than just electric guitar music. The verses are like a long build-up and the chorus surprisingly shouty. I'm sure joining in with a throaty vengeance at live shows would be most pleasant. Lazy comparisons to Arcade Fire have been drawn, but I suppose that happens when you have more than four people in your band and have this kind of sound.
Unfortunately I'm not too fussed on them, but at the moment I am singularly listening to Patrick Wolf, ever since he weaved his spell on me last weekend.

Lonely Buoys - Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong
Czech Neck - Make Model