Thrown In At The Deep End.

I have just started school again.

I am not happy about this development. Not only this, but I have been clasped in a suit as part of the uniform policy at the institute that I go to.

I have homework.

Oh the woes.

Here I was going to post 'Baggy Trousers' by Madness but Savefile is broken.

So enough griping for now we have some new music to talk about.

I recently came across Yeasayer when looking at the flyer for Chess Club, run by members of Fear of Flying. I typed them in the old Google, and improved the myspace profile view counter. I listened to "2080" because it had the most listens, therefore must be the best - I'm forever doing that. "2080" starts with what sounds like 'forest noises': tweeting birds, chatter and such like and the vocals kick in but with not much kick. They are not that kind of band, I know they remind me of someone but I have yet to recall it from the murky recesses of my brain. To be honest I really quite like it, it's a very different sound to what's out there and am now sorry I didn't go see them at Chess Club. They are not a dance-band more of an acquired taste maybe? Anyway, go check the Brooklyn quintet.

After much debate I now think they sound like a Ra Ra Riot on horse tranquilisers.

Thumbing through the pages of an old NME, trying desperately to find a picture of myself at the Reading Festival, I came across on what was apparently Yannis from Foals favourite band: Antibalas. And my, they do make a unique sound. Combining Afro-beats and gospel-esque with strong jazz influences, the resulting collisions results in a totally different music. In "ICE" there are no lyrics and the listener is carried along the oscillating keys and sharp trumpet [I would assume] expostulations. Carrying more members to rival Arcade Fire they shall never play at any mainstream festival or event, but therein lies the beauty.

In terms of mp3's, Yeasayer have "Final Path" free to download on their myspace and unfortunately I don't know where to begin looking for mp3's of Antibalas. Do tell me if you are at all successful, I wish you luck.