been a whiiiillleee....

okkkkaaaayyyyy....Bombay Bicycle Club have released a new EP "How We Are", a slightly less ghetto version of 'How We Do' ha yeah. So it's good. Fucking good. In fact myself and two others spent too much time at a house party hurting our fists by smacking them against the table to the beat. When I effuse about it, it must be noted that it is not as good as their first EP. But on the plus side they're branching out and trying to be a different band than the one who were doing the gcse's not so long ago. "Pedestal" should be a single, the lines are typical comments that can be interpreted in so many different ways, perhaps too much so. Actually I would prefer if I could relate more to them like in 'The Hill' - "I want to go to back in times". But it is finely crafted. So it's up on their myspace and having done their first ever tour. "How Are You" is as good as ever, the only let down being "Ghosts" which never really manages to gather momentum. Their churning and chugging take on My Bloody Valentine infused with the spirit of Bloc Party should take this young band onwards and upwards.

Pedestal - Bombay Bicycle Club

In more news, Bloc Party are releasing a 'demo', called "Flux". Funny name that. Apparently they did it for Kylie or something strange like that, or that's just a rumour that was made up for a joke, though I'd like to hear the full story. Anyway "I Still Remember" that's for sure. In fact if you had only ever listened to "A Weekend In the City" you would be forgiven for thinking that this was a different band. But Bloc Party have always had this secret urge to be a dance band I think. There was a b-side album floating about on the internet and in fact one song "Secret" reflects this. Anyway the video reminds me of being six and watching red, blue, yellow, green and the super-cool gold power rangers on morning TV.

Secret - Bloc Party
Flux - Bloc Party