Yeah this is a very nice little club night, Shout & Echo, that I have discovered. Their last night was too long ago but Fred Les's Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man headlined it and have since gone on to sign to Transgressive Records and release a single that I waxed about here. Another wonderful support were Burmese Days [after George Orwell's possibly least famous book] who got signed after their performance at it to 1234 Records. Yeah so these guys knnooowww. This time round it's the amazing Bolt Action Five headlining Nambucca. Nambucca is a lovely little pub on the Holloway Road. Bolt Action Five have released at least two singles and an EP I'm pretty sure and it seems every bastard under the sun loves to remix their music. From Dan Le Sac to Kissy Sell Out, their hit "Tree Friend Tree Foe" has been reworked, remixed and mashed up so much it gets to hard to sort out what the artist in question is going on about. They describe themselves as anything from indie/electro to dancepunk and industrial. What is for sure they have a unique sound, a sound that I have a feeling in my guttural region will sound several times better live. So a smile spreads across my face when I say: 'I got guest list' in an annoying sing-song voice. Be there or be square. Other bands include the bloke who runs the always amazing club night Sensitive Youth's, well his band Lion Club. And a host of young, enterprising bands such as Bojangles Medley bringing their hyper-indie and Inflatable Mystery Parade, who, if they gigged more would find it really hard to remain London's best kept secret - too well-kept in fact. Also DJ's range from the underage scene conglomerate Str8 Necklin' DJ Crew to Stressed Panda. Saturday is gonna be gooooooddd, if you're in London on Saturday come down. Oh and if you are tell me so I can say hello.