NOOOOOOOO......not another RIP.

Fear of Flying have added the suffix RIP to the end of the name. Yet another one bites the dust. The hedonistic days of when WayOutWest was prominent, producing Larrikin Love, Les Incompetents, Fear of Flying.... and now they are all dead, gone, in the ground, never to be seen live again.

"Fear Of Flying is DEAD..White Lies is alive!

Goodbye and goodnight to Fear Of Flying / hello White Lies

From this moment onwards, the band known as Fear Of Flying is finished indefinitely. The three members of the band have joined forces with other musicians to form White Lies.

Over the past 2 years Fear Of Flying has gone through high points and very low points. We have been let down a lot but also reassured that there are parts of the music industry filled with warm-hearted people who are there for the love of it, not just social status or finance. With their/your support still behind us, the future is bright for our new project.

Thank you mostly, to all the people that came to our shows and bought our two singles and left us nice messages on myspace. It makes it worthwhile. We hope you will support White Lies and we can't wait to come and play for you in your towns around the UK.

With a demo already completed with Stephen Street and gigs booked for the coming months, there is much to be excited about. All will be revealed in time. Please visit to become a friend and to listen to our music.

Fear Of Flying "

Fear of Flying were a monument to hard work and genuine skill, they released two singles: "Routemaster" and "Three's A Crowd" in their time and delighted one and all with their definitive sound - the eighties lived while they still walked. The at times, mesmerising bass, with the lyrics so profound as an alternative look on life, really sounded fresh, alive adn vibrant.

Long may their memory live.

This new outfit White Lies has at least left us with something to latch on to and so worship, using more synth keys than FOF, White Lies promises to be another interesting chapter in the life of this enterprising group of fellows.

Birds - Fear of Flying
Forgot Me Nots - Fear of Flying