b is for beautiful stuff my ipod shuffle found for me. Good ipod shuffle. good.

However, despite showing the same prowess as a keen archaeologist, it goes into my bad books for getting stuck on the same shuffles. So if a play a song I like, then it comes up with something crap like a really obnoxious Horrors tune afterwards, I want something different after my first good song that I handpicked. I click again, plays, finishes, then Horrors. Aaah no. I click again, plays, finishes, Horrors. Aaaaah I said no. Ipod wins as it has better patience and a natural knack for stubbornness.
Anyway, the gems that ipod shuffle did throw up...

"It Explodes" by the deceased Larrikin Love, this was recorded from the time when they had the violinist, Rob Skipper, from the Holloways in their outfit. This song is even more delicate than the usual carefully handcrafted songs that Larrikin Love would produce. Ed Larrikin sounds like one of the lost boys from Peter Pan and the banjo/guitar? with the violin creates a song wrapped in fragile cloth to which is presented to our ears unblinking in its innocence. So much so I went round last week saying their old stuff was better than the album. But then no-one will ever take "Happy As Annie" away from them. Ever. RIP.

The other little pocket of happiness that my ipod proffered was a cover of Richard Hawley's "Just Like the Rain" by the Maccabees. The Maccabees are very good at what they do - standard guitar-pop. Orlando Weeks continues to cry over the faint and vulnerable guitar quiverings, they do a sterling job of Hawley's song and well worth listening to even if you are fed up with the slight formulaic approach they have. Though nothing beats "First Love" for a good old fashioned lusty singalong.

It Explodes! - Larrikin Love