vamp. whores

I mean Vampire Weekend, who I must rather belatedly hop on to the blog-bandwagon of how super-amazing this debut album is. And it is.

I shall admit that when I heard those oxford comma and cape kwassa-kwassa-wassa-wassa or whatever demos, I was not convinced in them justifying their hype, but in this record the songs slot in beautifully. The album is a testament to the sum being greater than it's parts. I can quite happily leave it on repeat throughout the whole album and there is no one singular track that I rush to skip over. They are simple, well-crafted harmonies that will bring a smile to your face, a spring in your step and a pleasure you can't measure. Yes I think that exhausted the pigeon-holing stock of blogs eloquently enough. No, wait one more: if you had to buy one album this year, buy this one. Okay, I'm done. Meanwhile, in the description of this LP I would say it is, thank god, different to your-average-guitar-band, Vampire Weekend are willing to play the drums loud and reggae at times, they don't mind using quirky ivory keys or unconventional violins, without being pretentious about it. If more bands have their mind-set and motives to do something different, then 2008 could be a very interesting year. On the album front though, extremely good start 2008, well done. About time I found an album I didn't strip down to tracks 1, 2 and 4 and listen to only those songs. Stand-out tracks on this far-from-neoteric album would be "Walcott" and "Campus"

I particularly like the line: "How am I supposed to pretend? // I never want see you again."

Very apt.

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend