LDN is NOT a victim.

So listen here, there is plenty of good music in the Big Smoke. Firstly I'll ramble through the ridiculous All-Ages scene fronted by All-Age Concerts. who seemed to have ran out of steam in recent times.

Pull In Emergency, who could be see as the figureheads for this phase in the music industry, as most of them are 14, they have some rather catchy little tunes all of which are available here, they say they're releasing a single soon but i have heard nothing since so get those songs before they become like a lot of bands on myspace, and make their songs unavailable "because they're too big". Get over yourselves, you only encouraging people to be naughty and do this.

Next up on the list are one of my favourite bands to listen to - Fear of Flying who really have one of the most imaginative bassist around, to which this really drives a lot of their songs forwards and upwards on to better things. Fear of Flying have released two singles, i think, now but this song will always be my favourite:

Birds - Fear of Flying

and no, they are not feminists:

Lastly i want to talk about Bombay Bicycle Club, named after an Indian restaurant, they take inspiration from Devendra Banhart only to turn it into a much more racier proposition, another very good guitar band currently walking the corridors of the scene, amazingly they've supported Bromheads Jacket you'll see why that is amazing if you have heard of Bromheads Jacket who have 15-stone Sheffield fans and Bombay Bicycle Club have 13-year old skinny-jeaned boys among their following, wish I'd been there:

How Are You - Bombay Bicycle Club

Oh yeah and lest I forget there is this band called Cajun Dance Party, if you haven't heard of them, you must have been living in Hong Kong, actually no, they've likely infiltrated the far eastern market already, make that a dishevelled shack on the top of Mt. Everest, then you won't have heard of them. Currently affecting Thom Yorke's eardrums, they've been signed to XL Records, home of the White Stripes, and to top it all of The Guardian and The Times now love them too, can't really get much bigger than that. Get all their songs here from some thoughtful soul.

enjoy x