new jam.

In my haste at starting my own blog i neglected to mention my reasoning for doing such a thing; well after becoming quite worringly addicted to trawling blog after blog after blog in the hope of finding the next big thing or a piece of music that could capture me and hold me for more than three plays on my ipod. It is notoriously difficult to find a blog that matches your music tastes however two blogs that are definitely worth a visiting are fuckingdance and Song, by Toad. The former being ridiculously generous with mp3s and the latter one of the most eloquent and enjoyable blog-rambles that you'll ever find on the internet, go go go.

So it seems apt that i should talk about bands that have surfaced in my sieving for gold from all these blogs that are around. First up are elle s'appelle a Liverpudlian trio that make great use of the keyboard and two shouty vocals that will spread three times more contagious than any bollocks the Daily Mail could ever spout of. They are definitely set for a bright future, they've already been played on Steve Lamacq's radio 1 show yet these giving souls still have their songs free to download on their myspace.

Next up are Polytechnic yet despite their fabulously rock 'n roll picture here they make quite honest indie wit all the 99th fret chords in all the right places and all the correct oo-oo-ooh's in the chorus's, but they are not another average indie band doomed to surf mediocrity until "musical differences" split them apart. No, these guys are great, they've just released an album and the single preceeding it, is a slice of brilliance.

Won't You Come Around - Polytechnic

I think this is a late demo, the single sounds much brasher and better for it on their site but go buy the album 'Down 'Till Dawn as one song just isn't enough.