Right, time to look further afield in a quest for good music.

Firstly, I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper regardless of their name, [which i think is the best name ever] they do NOT make screamo/rot-rock/metal/i-want-to-die-horribly/ or anything like that they make brilliant electro with beautiful bass. I haven't a friggin' clue how to describe their influences; maybe Ladytron ? i think they sound like Late of the Pier but playing more with the higher end of the keyboard, anyway check them and bless them they like giving too.

Lurching from one end of the small spectrum to the other are The Mary Onettes, despite proving not all of these Scandinavian types can come up with amazing names they do make lovely "indie" as in the genre [as it were] which whips any British band with indie pretensions at the moment. In my opinion they sound suspiciously like Joy Division, but that can only be a good thing. They featured on TV programme Gray's Anatomy apparently, don't watch the show so i wouldn't know, they've just released their album but of what I've got this is my favourite:

Void - The Mary Onettes

enjoy x