aaah i haven't slept for coming up 36hours, mm not nice unless sleep-deprivation is yo' thing. anyway was at a house partyish yesterday [or was it the day before] and this band came up on the ipod-speakers: xx teens i thought what the hell is that? Few bands can really do that to me, and i spent the remainding 3 minutes or whatever it was really enjoying this really punky guitar and probably one of the best bass lines I've heard, since i realised all of this electro was played on the 'E' string, ruining my awe of it. Anyway, i don't know if it will be everyone's cup of tea, but they're releasing 'Darlin' [the one i stood still for] on the 11th so go to their myspace and then go buy. Unfortunately i don't have that song, just an old demo i had way back in Autumn last year:

My Favourite Hat - XX Teens

It's gotten all politically correct recently, as they did use the name Xerox Teens originally, but from my esteemed sources i think they had to change it due to a fight over copyright with the paper company Xerox. I like this story better than the 'they-changed-it-because-xx-is-a-much-racier-name-he-he-look-xx'. yeah.

sorry its a short one but i won tickets to go!team/goodshoes at ICA tonight so must get my caffeine fix before i collapse completely.
enjoy x