I was introduced to this band after my regular forum-whoring unearthed this gem. Springing from Sweden they released an album in September 2006 which i have now tardily decided to call one of my album's of 2007, as i discovered them in this year. There are some real treasures on the album like 'Man Must Dance' - currently annoying anyone who visits my myspace. 'Man Must Dance' is a call just to start dancing because you need to and they're right - more people should dance. They have only guitar and drums, so the light/shade arrangement is key, a tool they use to good affect [yeah matt]. Some of the riffs are simply beautiful, but tellingly when one would expect them to complete the perfect pop rhyme [to/do/you] they change tact and peg off down a different route in much the same way i had to the other day when faced with the local miscreants. Some nice fella has uploaded the whole album so get it quick:

Johnossi 2006 - Johnossi

but if you have been bred on the itunes diet, meaning you have the concentration of a goldfish with ADHD then:

Man Must Dance - Johnossi

Another new album i have attained is the debut of
Having successfully interested my ears in early 2006 this album has been a long time coming and i would say they have just about lived up to expectations this is by no means an outstanding debut but they've definitely improved since the Leni Demo days. They have been slightly overshadowed by their near-namesakes Good Shoes but i could this being the unsung album of 2007, i probably need to give it a few more listens. The keys remind me a lot of The Postal Service, but they are not as mellow as one of their influences and their bass is quite enterprising in some place such as 'The Curse of Saul' - sorry i am just a sucker for bass lines.
Again a very nice fella has decided to share his love for GoodBooks and posted their album here:

Control 2007 - GoodBooks
enjoy x