pop goes the weasel.

Slow Club


i heard someone scream

and I'm inclined to agree. I came across them in the usual fashion and was quite impressed by what i heard. They are a welcome change from the current pretend-angular guitars that are floating around currently. They wear they're folk roots on their sleeves and their clever lyrics bring a secret smile to my face as i hear that

"no-one owns the sea / except you and me"

Their songs remind me of being five years old. I liked being five years old. They do well to entice people on the dance floor with just vocals and guitar with bits of percussion. Yet somehow i don't think you would find Rodge the Podge with his beer-mates at their gigs.

In terms of mp3's you are going to have to go and buy it here. Sorry I don't have anything either, except the single, so it would be nice if some b-sides were released.

I've been fathoming this phenomena for a long time and the answer still remains elusive: why aren't Video Nasties huge, ginormously huge? They write lo-fi pop songs "in their shed" and some of them are belters, to use an expression to pretend I'm northern. Songs like "Little Flickers" show they are true romantics and single "Doo Doo Dah Doo" portraying a clever eye for 'yoof culchar'. The five-piece, with the keys a prominent part, have released two singles and have enough songs to release a double album. Which they definitely should, just for my benefit.

Here they have put up a six-track demo they recorded in February which is well worth a download.

Whilst they may have nigh on 70,000 myspace views, the NME hasn't really helped them in any way unlike fellow Way Out West stable-mates Cajun Dance Party. Never mind in time they'll be big, but for now they'll resound from my bedroom speakers.

In other news, i found a remix of moving pictures by the cribs:

Moving Pictures Remix - The Cribs

enjoy x