FrYars, the 6'4", seventeen-year-old wizard, has just released his new EP titled "The Ides". Recorded on the Isle of Wight, he aim was to make his music timeless and he has made a very good job of it too. Funnily enough he was interviewed for NME's Radar section and from this interview he comes across as the lovechild of Voldemort and Darth Vader who spent his childhood in the shadowy margins between night and day. Which is probably a little unfair. On his myspace he vehemently protests such Dark Lord connotations though he does himself no aid with:

"I always said she was a runner, And running through the fields, I put a gun, I put a gun to her, With the force she came to kneel, And as she screams and in her own blood, I said sympathy for you..."

from title song "The Ides". Yet he is not moping in his bedroom making sure his hair parting is correctly at 45 degrees. He is just the antithesis to the current hedonistic music spearheaded by Klaxons etc. He has a slightly more macabre outlook on life and chooses to talk about these kind of things. His second track on the EP, "Madeline" has led to accusations of it being solely about the little McCann gone missing yet he wrote this well in advance of her disappearance and chose to stay true rather than change the name to 'Caroline', for example, though I can't seeing him doing that.

He also remains aloof from his peers, [Cajun Dance Party, Bombay Bicycle Club], and has stubbornly refused to play live. This has led to mutterings of arrogance and perhaps he is, it takes a strange sort of mindset to refuse Patrick Wolf's offer of coming on his last ever tour indeed.

Nonetheless there is no denying his majesty of his tunes and he already has recorded with EMI, so there is no doubt he shall be bounding on to greater things whether he wants to or not.

Madeline - FrYars

In more news from the Capital, Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man have released a single on Transgressive Records. Titled "Motherhood/Fatherhood", with each song the band move further and further away from the Les Incompetents template that plagued their conception. They are a much darker proposition, and Frederick McPherson continues to refuse to talk about how "mashed he got on Friday night and there was this girl right..." as so many bands tend to do. They are taking more influence from prog-rock almost, but before that puts you off, they do have a radio-friendly feel that could help lift them and take them much further than the beautiful mess that was Les Incompetents.

"Just one more life to lead / just one more mouth to feed" ,

questions morality of Fatherhood and its aspects and consequences. It is hard to tell his disposition to science and religion but he uses this as his source to which to sing about. His pulpit may be different and changed to a darker shade but Frederick Blood-Royale [as he likes to be known as] continues to proclaim with a vengeance.

Fatherhood - Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man