oooh gossip.

I love it,
but then again don't we all.

First up something I'm very pleased to hear: Patrick Wolf is going to release a new album for 2008, and it certainly has an aquatic theme, reported song-titles include:

'Where I See'
'Oyster Shell'
'Away From World'
'And Jewelry'
'I'm Going To Dive'

So that is something look forward to and all these rumours about him quitting or him quitting the live circuit, dying his hair bright blue, dying his hair bright green now look just a little far-fetched.

Oh and Late of the Pier have released a video for their new single 'Bathroom Gurgle' on Moshi Moshi Records:

Accusations of 'too klaxons' is utter rubbish: this, while looking like it was recorded for 50 pence, is very much a small glimpse of the weird world of Late of the Pier. The shapes that adorn their bodies are said to be similar to the shapes spider's make when on LSD. Scientists really are bored these days.

Sorry for the shortness, having to come to terms with doing work again, going to have some lurvely acoustic artists up soon.