New and the Whatnots

Some new stuff has come to my attention and now it will come to yours.

FRANKMUSIK is one quite deranged person, with possibly an even more deranged haircut.
Very much part of the SUPER SUPER culture, he brings together fuzzy bass, high-pitched vocals, electronica keyboard with a touch of the old romance in him and an eye for those dastardly-catchy pop rhymes. Talking of his keyboard, he tends to like to be naked with it - move up a couple of notches on the far-out-o-meter [to pretend I'm from the 60's].

Quite unlike anything else, except maybe a much happier version of a Crystal Castles-Digitalism hybrid [now that I'd pay to see], he has signed to Apparent records and has released an EP on itunes. Forever self-conscious, he ridiculed the one abusive comment he did receive on itunes and went to great lengths to track down the user, only to find that they had also rated Popeye: The Collective Tales as "amazing". 1-0 to FRANKMUSIK and I'm sure he will be rising up the ranks in 2008 until that Popeye fan is a distant speck on the horizon.

Beirut has released some new stuff or rather some new stuff has surfaced on the internet the couple that I have attained continues along the same lines as "My Family's Role in World Revolution" and "Scenic World". When I say 'same' I mean same as I blogged about before here, still pleasant to the ear and something different to listen to anyway.

A Sunday Smile - Beirut
Made Her Smile - FRANKMUSIK