pick that.

I received a demo EP in the Royal Maayal the other day and I popped it on the itunes, quixotic idealism followed. Adam Patrick is a singer-songwriter, from Portsmouth of all places, and has clearly been staring out at the ships in the harbour a lot. His gentle acoustics and breathless vocals work well and he's signed to Exercise1 Records, and so hopefully will be gigging in London soon. He perhaps over does the whole Bright Eyes phenomena but there is a catchiness and attractiveness about it as he is more upbeat, I would say, at least he's not talking about sticking his lover in the ground with sugary sweet tones. That type of folk has always creeped me out. The EP opens with 'Come On' a call on the ugliest duckling methinks, familiar territory is covered under 'Love and Controversy' but my favourite track on the CD was "...From the Trees" with the harmonica and the tinkle keys. Here he is at his best displaying his songwriting skills clearly and bravely. 'Me and You' must get a mention too for another slice of good cake, but the EP tails of a little at the end with "Each Right..." and "It Might Be Cold..." that are bit stuck in too low a gear to rise above the mediocrity and get motorin'. Enough with the car analogy, he's now been entered into my "R&R guitar" playlist, though I reckon he could do with a bassist, [I play bass aha] and I wish him well in the future.

Like The Wood From the Trees - Adam Patrick

Another folk artist who I've liked in recent times is Findlay Brown, who definitely fits the folk stereotype but this Dylan-esque [oh lord that pigeon-holing is shameful] character has a full band behind him. The meandering bass, token drums and the backing oooo's means Findlay Brown is rising amongst the underground ranks and could go on to enjoy success in the same vein as fellow stablemate, Jose Gonzalez, only Findlay is better. His ballads, my favourite being "Losing the Will...", have a certain charm that is warming and endearing, to all who are fortunate to fall under his plectrum-induced spell.

I've been on a bit of a wild goose-chase round the Internet and back for his mp3s, but it seems all the links have since expired, well he did release his album last year.